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Articles Published in the Know your Monuments Series for Archaeology Ireland (2003 – 2011) by Muiris O'Sullivan and Liam Downey

With a view to informing interest groups as well as the wider public of the outcomes of archaeological investigations, review articles synopsising the current state of knowledge pertaining to an extensive range of archaeological features are published on a quarterly basis in Archaeology Ireland. The articles detail the association of many of the monuments and other archaeological features with agriculture. The intention is to compile the articles into a book, with a synthesis chapter tracing the development of agriculture in Ireland from the archaeological and historical records.

As indicated below, the predominant periods for the extensive range of archaeological features detailed in the 33 articles date from the prehistoric to the medieval periods and into early modern times.

Predominant Period

Neolithic and into the Bronze Age
Wedge Tombs
Summit Cairns
Prehistoric Field Boundaries
Shell Middens
Saddle Querns
Rock Art (in preparation)

Bronze Age/ Iron Age
Stone Circles
Stone Rows
Boulder Burials
Faluchta Fia
Coastal Promontory Forts
Beehive Quern Stones
Bog Butter

Medieval Period
Disk Querns
Corn-Drying Kilns
Holy Wells
Water Mills
Moated Sites
Medieval Fisheries
Anglo-Norman Fieldscapes
Medieval Field Drainage Systems
Tower Houses and Associated Farming Systems
Charcoal Production Pits

Early Modern Period
Rundale Farming Systems
Field Enclosure
Booley Huts
Archaeology and Farming Practices – Winterage
Ridges and Furrows
Pot Querns
Traditional Field Drains and Ditches
Early Modern Field Drains
Seaweed and Kelp
Farm Lime Kilns
Charcoal Production Platforms


Spring none
Summer none
Autumn Boulder Burials
Winter Booley Huts

Spring Fuluchta Fia
Summer Coastal Promontory Forts
Bog Butter
Autumn Prehistoric Field Boundaries
Winter Souterrains

Spring Shell Middens
Summer Lime Kilns
Autumn Corn-Drying Kilns
Winter Crannógs

Spring Holy Wells
Bog Butter
Summer Quern Stones
Autumn Watermills
Winter Moated Sites

Spring Mottes
Summer Ridges and Furrows
Autumn Ringforts
Winter Fieldscapes – Anglo-Norman Footprints

Spring Post-Medieval Fieldscapes – Clachans
Summer none
Autumn Post-Medieval Fieldscapes – Rundale
Winter Post-Medieval Fieldscapes – Field Enclosure

Spring Archaeology and Farming Practices
Summer Tower Houses and Associated Farming Systems
Autumn Medieval Fisheries
Winter Charcoal Production Sites

Spring Agricultural Drainage Systems: Traditional Drains and
Summer Agricultural Drainage Systems: Early Modern Drains
Autumn Seaweed and Kelp
Winter Wedge Tombs

Spring Stone Circles
Summer Stone Rows
Autumn Rock Art





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